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Arumugam S

Managing Director of RJ Suzuki

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About Me

This is  Arumugham, and I have been an experienced businessman in the automobile dealership industry for the past 15 years. Throughout my career, I have also gained extensive experience in the coffee exporting sector and various other business development areas. My journey has provided me with a deep understanding of market dynamics and a strong potential for driving growth and innovation.

I am passionate about leveraging my knowledge and expertise to create successful business ventures and foster long-term relationships with my clients and partners.


About RJ Suzuki

RJ Suzuki, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, is dedicated to providing superior motorcycles, motorbikes, and scooters that cater to diverse customer needs. With a core philosophy centered on delivering "VALUE-PACKED PRODUCTS," RJ Suzuki focuses on innovative product development from the customer's perspective. This approach ensures that their offerings meet and exceed customer expectations, leveraging advanced technology and dynamic human resources. Located in Kollam, Kerala, RJ Suzuki continues to uphold its reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction in the transportation sector​.


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