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Deep's School of Yoga

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An exclusive yoga institute

Deeps School of Yoga, under the dedicated leadership of Manoj PK and Deepa G, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of yoga education. This distinguished institution is committed to imparting profound knowledge and fostering a holistic understanding of yoga practices. Manoj PK and Deepa G bring a wealth of experience and expertise, creating a nurturing environment for students to embark on their transformative yoga journey. Having worked in Accounting and Auditing Deepa got fascinated with the wellness industry. Her passion took her to get certificated as a Nutrition Advisor on Holistic health and a Teachers trainer in Yoga and Meditation. Prior to being a traditional Architecture(Vastu Acharya) and Astrology consultant, Manoj has worked in Finance and Auditing of many organizations. His passion for  physical and emotional well-being has resulted in him becoming a certified Yoga and meditation teacher and a Nutritional Advisor.  Aspiring yogis are welcomed into a space where they can not only refine their practice but also discover a profound connection to mind, body, and spirit.

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